Bail Bonds

Bail Bonds

Bail Bond Services for Lubbock, TX

Over 20 years experience in the bail bond industry our owner Greg Williams is a Certified Bail Agent thru the Professional bondsmen of The United States and member of Professional bondsmen of Texas and BBB. Let Caprock Bail Bonds secure your release from jail in Lubbock, Texas or any surrounding county in the area. We can also help State Wide and thru Transfer bonds just about any other State in the USA.

Offering convenient payment plans, highly competitive rates, wire transfers and conditional credits, our team provides the most reliable bonding work throughout the entire Lubbock, TX community. With our assistance, it’s never been easier to free your friends and family members from behind bars.
Bail Out Lubbock, TX

For your convenience, our certified representatives will visit any jail to help you secure your release. There’s no need to spend additional time behind bars, so schedule a meeting with our team as soon as possible. To ensure an expeditious release, we can immediately post your bail .

24-Hour Bail Help Assistance

Contact Caprock Bail Bonds today and jumpstart the bail bonding process. Agents available any hour day or night our goal is customer service and if needed we will give rides from the jail. Our goal is to help you anyway we can during your time of need. To learn more about our work, all you have to do is call 806-722-2120.
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